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Welcome to Pizzeria La Clessidra, a large and elegant restaurant characterized by the passion of the owners who give their guests the experience of gourmet pizza.


La Clessidra pizzeria, located in the heart of Pisa, offers a classic and elegant atmosphere in a welcoming and special location. The restaurant is structured in several rooms and has a beautiful garden for the summer months. The love for one’s work gives its guests a hospitable and comfortable atmosphere.


The pizzeria offers a sophisticated pizza cooked in an electric oven and prepared with selected ingredients in a real journey into the Italian and regional culinary tradition. The ingredients we use give us the highest quality and authenticity through Italian specialties and PDO and PGI products, always maintaining the common thread with tradition.

pizzeria la clessidra
pizzeria la clessidra

Ingredients and processing

Our pizzas are born from the selection of fine wholemeal stone-ground flours, processed using sourdough. The dough is left to rise for 72 hours, which guarantees the pizza high digestibility and intense flavors. The combination of the dough and the choice of the best fresh, seasonal and high quality ingredients, selected by region, gives life to new recipes and innovative pizzas. Our master pizza maker offers two types of menus: The Pizzas (traditional pizzas revisited with high quality ingredients) and Regional Pizzas (pizzas made with regional ingredients chosen according to the seasonality).


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Discover the Gourmet Pizza Tasting


Our Gourmet Pizza Tasting offers 4 gourmet pizzas of our selection with the combination of each of 1 different craft beer suggested by our sommelier Daniele that will tell you about the flavors and fragrances to be discovered (reservation required, minimum number 4 people).



15,00 € per person

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Closed from August 10th to 30th 2019.


Opening hours

Open by reservation only

Open from 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm from Monday to Saturday

Weekly closing:


Phone: +39050.540160


Where to find us



Ristorante La Clessidra

di G&G SaS di d’Angelo G. e C.

Via del Castelletto 26/30 Pisa


Tel. 050.540160


P. Iva 01349190502

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